In the Heights

Central Dauphin East High School. Spring Musical 2018.

In the Heights is a musical about 1st generation New Yorkers who form a Hispanic-American neighborhood in Washington Heights, New York City. The story follows unique characters on their journey to discover themselves while maintaining relationships with others. 

For the set, I created a New York city block on the stage. The two stationary structures were used as a salon, bodega, limo dispatch center and an apartment building. Both levels were accessible and a security door could come down to cover the shops. I hand-painted all the windows, signs, and the bridge in the back. 

GHOST: The Musical

Central Dauphin East High School. Spring Musical 2016.

Ghost: The Musical was based on the 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze. The story focuses on the main characters Sam and Molly who are madly in love. Suddenly, Sam is shot and is presumed dead. Sam is stuck between the real world and the next and can see everything that is happening following his death. Molly finds herself in danger and Sam uses Oda Mae, a medium, to communicate with Molly and save her life. 

For the set, I designed a large structure on the stage that would be there throughout the entire show. This multi-leveled piece was created to show an industrial silhouette inspired by the iron bridges in New York City. On the sides of the stage, I painted large murals to mimic the windows of apartment buildings. Multiple pieces were created to move on and off the stage, such as an apartment, hospital doors, office desks, and of course the bright red refrigerator.  

Into the Woods

Central Dauphin East High School. Spring Musical 2015.

Into the Woods is a musical that connects different fairytales together to create a thrilling story. Throughout the musical, the baker and his wife are trying to have a child. To do so, they have to collect four special items for the which. Along the way, they come across Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack in the Beackstock, and many other interesting characters. 

This set consisted of many different pieces that needed to move on and off the stage to create different scenes. Rapunzel's tower, Grandma's house, Cinderella's house and the baker's house are just a few of the pieces that were built and painted. My favorite part of the set was the woodland backdrop that I painted to create a "woodsy" atmosphere. The piece that remained on the stage was a giant papier-mache tree where actors were able to go inside and sit on the branch. 

Here are photos of other musical sets I have worked on at a Summer Theater Camp in Camp Hill, PA. 

Shrek: The musical. The Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center. Summer 2015.

Frog and Toad. The Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center. Summer 2015.